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Hi, my name is Stephan and since 2014 I am part of the GlobeTech family. When I got the offer from GlobeTech to move to Ireland I saw it as a big adventure, a bit like a dream. A dream I am still living today. The interview process was really straight forward and the Recruitment team was very helpful. Already at this stage, I knew that there is a good vibe in the company. GlobeTech helped me then in every aspect of the relocation process and also offered accommodation until I settled in. All this support made my start in Ireland very easy. I was overwhelmed of the beauty of this country and the friendliness of the people and also the job itself satisfied in every aspect. I initially started in a Data Analyst position but soon opportunities arose to develop my career further. Today I am overseeing a portfolio of projects which is challenging but also very satisfying. Hopefully, I can welcome you soon in one of our projects!

Stephan, Operations

I’ve been working with GlobeTech for almost two years in Localization Quality Assurance. Taking the leap into this new job has been one of the most challenging milestones in my career, as I’m from Portugal and moving to a new country can be a daunting process.

Luckily, GlobeTech was very supportive every step of the way: providing assistance with the flight and accommodation and even helping with all the necessary documentation, such as the Irish PPS Number. In my time here since, GlobeTech has always taken the necessary steps to ensure that I felt comfortable and happy in the workplace.

I’ve found Cork to be a wonderful city to live in. I feel like I’ve truly thrived, from both a professional and personal standpoint. Working here has been a challenge that I’ve enjoyed immensely so far, and having GlobeTech’s support has been a significant part of how positive this experience is being.

Vasco, Localisation Team

Having joined the GlobeTech team in May 2018, I have found them to be completely professional and courteous at all times and they do exactly what they promise as my employers. GlobeTech listens and responds to my every need, starting with the recruitment team and my everyday dealings with HR. GlobeTech’s approach to candidate communication, management and support has been a refreshing and welcome change in comparison with other companies I have worked for.

Maayan, Localisation Team

I’ve been working with GT for about three and a half years, it was a really good experience for me, I came to Ireland from Syria. My documents, relocation, flights and accommodation were great. It was the first time that I travelled abroad, but GT staff made things easier to me.

GT staff keep us up to date with the latest updates regarding immigration-related issues and work permit documents, this is really helpful to us, so we don’t need to worry about this stuff. Working in this friendly environment makes you really happy and excited at work and when you need a break or have something to do on the weekend, you can just go cycling and enjoy the wonderful views in Ireland. Living and working in this lovely and peaceful country, in a nice and quiet city like Cork makes me feel relaxed and positive all the time.

Rana, Localisation Team

Moving to a different country for my career was a big decision in my life when I joined Globetech in 2017 and since then it has become an amazing experience thanks to this company.

Great relocation package and immigration support helped me to settle in my new city. The entire process of work permit application went very smooth and in a short time, I found myself here in Cork. I have never lived in a city in such size before. I see it as big enough to have everything but small enough to find everything, a perfect combination for living.

Globetech offers an excellent working experience. I started as a Software Test Engineer and I am now working as a Test Lead. Having worked on some exciting projects with amazing people from many different cultures, I feel valued and appreciated here, which is really encouraging. I am glad to be a part of this diverse team.

Anil, Localisation Team

I joined the HR team in GlobeTech in August 2018. Since joining GlobeTech I’ve had some fantastic exposure to really exciting projects and initiatives. I help run the sports and social club and publish the monthly newsletter which I really enjoy, I think it’s great that GlobeTech take an interest in their employees’ social lives and as we relocate so many of our employees the sports and social club is a fantastic outlet to make new friends in Cork. There’s a great sense of engagement and teamwork in GlobeTech, all the teams are really supportive of each other. I found everything from the recruitment stage right through to onboarding was very straight forward and easy with everyone being professional and friendly in equal measure. For me the favourite part of my job is carrying out inductions, I love meeting all the new team members and giving them their first real insight to GlobeTech.

Emma, HR Team

I have been working at Globetech full time for the past 4 years, there is a nice environment, high workload from Mondays to Fridays only. The Social Club activities and competitions are getting better and better.

Rocio, Operations

I moved to Cork from Cape Town and started with Globetech in 2016. Moving from a metropolis to such a small town has been an adjustment, but Cork has a quirky charm and is well deserving of its new moniker of Friendliest City in Europe, the 3rd friendliest in the world. It is a diverse and accepting place to live, and I have never felt anything but welcome. Working with Globetech has been the same – working in a diverse and dynamic tech-based industry I’ve had the opportunity to not only meet lovely people and make fantastic new friends but also fulfil multiple and challenging roles as part of my Work Permit position – which has been a problem-free process and also sponsored by Globetech. These last two years have brought many new friends and opportunities my way – I’m eager to see what the next few years may bring!

Lezanne, Operations

“I started my IT career with Globetech in 2006, about 12 years back when I was just college pass out, I have been allocated Parking solutions project called gTicket and from day one due to its detailed project specifications & technicality I had so much to learn from that Project, at one stage whole Abu Dhabi Govt. parking management was handled by this huge Project and I really feel proud of being part of this project & Globetech.

At Globetech, every day is something new to learn, over the years we have grown our software development team in India and we designed & developed other interesting software products which contributed Globally at very large scale. London Olympics 2012, Superbowl 2018, Glastonbury, San Francisco Pride Parade these are some of the big names where our software products were part of their event management.

My first visit to Globetech office at Cork, Ireland was in 2008 and in that very first visit I loved this small and beautiful Country and then in 2016 when Globetech offered me to come and work from there it was like dream come true, transition to move here was so smooth with help of Globetech’s friendly staff. They helped me at every stage from work permit to immigration, Andrea Duque from HR she came to meet & greet me and settled me in company accommodation till I find my own.

I started working from Globetech’s head office in Cork and we are developing internal resource management software where I need to interact with every department from Finance to Logistics and HR to Ops management team, every team member is very friendly, helpful and easy to work with, they appreciate & recognize all good work me & my team does.

At Globetech I enjoy great work-life balance & looking forward to many more years working with Globetech.”

Amit, Software Development

I have been working for one of Globetech’s project for a little more than 4 years. I’m thankful for my experience working here.

I was able to learn a lot and develop necessary skills. I have built so many skills that would be beneficial in numerous positions, such multi-tasking and attention to the details. The company also gives me great flexibility / work-life balance.

Overall I like my job and highly recommend this company to everyone

Aga, Operations

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