mPower is a software solution used to help manage Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) operations. NEMT is where our clients provide transport services to bring people to and from hospital and clinic appointments – e.g. dialysis, day treatments, etc. The solution consists of:

Key Features

  • Complete dispatch system to import and update trips, distribute to drivers automatically or manually and monitor real-time activity
  • Automated scheduling engine that assigns trips to drivers based on the many constraints, such as type of passenger, appointment times, traffic etc
  • Phone app for the Drivers to manage the trips they have been assigned
  • Report and Invoice generation at the end of the day/week
  • Statistics
    • 60,000+ Trips across 7 customers
    • 80+ Drivers
    • 12,000+ Riders/Passengers
  • Features
    • Auto scheduling
    • Shared Trips
    • Linked Trips
    • Preferred Driver

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