ActiveConnex consists of a suite of software solutions to help our clients manage large outdoor event operations, such as tracking of vehicles, people and assets, monitoring security of access, checking quality of installation etc. This gives Event organisers real-time information on their event operations as it happens, providing greater security, visibility and accountability. The solution consists of the following modules:

  • Vehicle tracking: specific driving instructions for all drivers, with real-time monitoring to ensure they are on track and schedule
  • Access Control: secure checking of vehicles and people at checkpoints
  • Quality Assurance: user validation of issues as they happen with real-time tagging and display in the control centre

Key Features

  • Vehicle/asset tracking
  • Integrated Human resource tool
  • Real time people & vehicle access & control
  • Passenger/Gate/Coach count
  • Real time quality control
  • GPS tracking
  • Security management
  • End user app
  • Post Event reporting
  • Back office
  • Data integrity and security

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