Multinational Services

At GlobeTech Services we understand that not all projects are the same. The ability to flex up and down are key to efficient delivery. Recruitment, relocation, training & performance management, HR and payroll can be time-consuming and costly, especially on large scale programmes with global headcount requirements and limited available space. Whether onsite at our client sites or located at GlobeTech Services’ premises, our solution will maximise efficiencies every time.

We manage our people to deliver your projects on time and to the highest standards.

Key services


GlobeTech Services’ managed service is all about partnership. We work with our clients to understand their project requirements. We develop a bespoke solution that meets client requirements for productivity and quality within defined budgetary requirements.

Recruitment & Relocation

With a global recruitment network and the latest applicant tracking systems, we can access the talent pool required efficiently and cost effectively. Our onboarding and relocation teams will arrange any travel and accommodation requirements to ensure a seamless onboarding and integration to the team. Our immigration experts will arrange the required visa and work permits to ensure a seamless onboarding experience no matter what nationality.

Onsite Support

Our onsite support management ensure that our teams deliver client’s requirements ontime and with highest quality. At GlobeTech Services we understand that performance management is key to delivery and our highly experienced management team, ensure that performance levels are always managed and maintained. Using our own IP protected resource management system, we can monitor and maintain performance metrics to meet client needs as well as providing full transparency to our employees as to how they are performing.

HR to pay

Working with our project management teams, the GlobeTech Services back office team carry out full HR to pay services for all resources to ensure full compliance with employment legislation across all jurisdictions.


The GlobeTech Services team are all about engagement. We believe that engaging with our people is key to good performance. The GlobeTech Services social club, regular employee surveys, feedback, training and development, coaching and mentoring all play their part in ensuring a fully engaged workforce deliver client programmes with the ultimate quality.

Our Multinational Service teams

GlobeTech Services managed service teams collaborate with our clients across the following services;

A GlobeTech Services managed service allows the client to focus exclusively on the project deliverables, while the GlobeTech service team focus on the people, the processes, and the performance, to ensure delivery on time, every time.

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